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Public Notice Advertising Index

Kentucky's Public Notice Advertising Laws
Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) Chapter 424


Abandoned cemetery in certain cities, proceedings to vest title in city, notice of suit, 381.730

Abandoned property, holders to report to department of revenue, rights of action, 393.110

Acquisition of existing waterworks, notice of agreement, petition, election, 96.360

Adoption of county budget by fiscal court, 68.260

Advertisement for bids for road construction or maintenance, letting of contract, 184.110

Advertisement of election, 67.220

Advertisement of sale of boat or motor vehicle for charges, definition of boat, 376.280

Advertisement of sale of tax claims; compensation of sheriff, 134.440

Advertisement of special tax election, conduct of election, 178.240

Air pollution control, notice of hearings, 77.025

Air pollution control, public hearing to be held before enactment of orders, rules or regulations, 77.185

Alcoholic beverage control board, functions, 241.060

Alcoholic beverages, local option, advertisement of election, 242.040

Amendment of comprehensive plan prior to annexation permitted; land use management regulation in newly annexed or reclassified territory; notice of public hearing, 100.209

Ancillary hearing to forfeit property, 218A.460

Annexation by metropolitan sewer district of unincorporated area or city of fifth or sixth class, procedure, appeal to courts, 76.175

Annexation of unincorporated territory or reduction of territory by first class city, 81.100

Annexation, public hearings, authority of board of aldermen, 81A.060

Annexation to subdistricts, procedure, effect, 76.268

Annual audit of books of county office by certified public accountant, if auditor declines to perform audit; procedure, 64.810

Approval of county bonds, 66.310

Assessment lists and assessment procedure in cities of second class, 92.430

Assessment or cooperative insurance, meeting to change form of company, notice, vote necessary to change, 299.230

Board for separate drainage district, election, term, vacancies, 267.510

Board of drainage commissioners, meetings, office, records, reports, expenses, 267.120

Bonds authorized when average assessment exceeds twenty-five cents per acre, failure to pay assessment is consent to bonds, 267.320

Bonds, notes and obligations of urban renewal agency, 99.430

Canada and nodding thistle eradication areas, establishment, duties of department of agriculture, 249.183

Certification of petition for referendum, publication of act, 132.110

City civil service, examinations, rating, eligible list, 90.320

City civil service, number of employees, salaries, protection from dismissal, suspension or reduction, abolishment of office or position, reinstatement, 90.380

Civil service, conduct of examinations, notice, certification of eligible list, appointments from list, rules and regulations, compensation of commissioners, 95.764

Claim of interest in property surrendered to state, 393.140

Claims to be proved before commissioner, notice to creditors, 395.520

Classification of sewer users, publication of first ordinance, 96.919

Closure of grade crossings, hearings, 177.120

Code of ethics for city or county officials and employees, publication, 65.003

Commissioners may be appointed to handle proceeds of bonds, 178.180

Compensation of party pressing claims in common interest for others, notice to interested persons, 412.070

Conditions of and procedure for conversion of national banking association to state bank or merger with state bank, 287.172

Conservation and state development, area planning commission, procedure for establishment, alteration, dissolution, 147.620

Constitutional amendments, 118.415

Construction subdistrict established, petition, procedure, judicial review, waiver of notice and hearing, 76.241

Contest on constitutional convention or amendment, or statewide public question, 120.280

Contract bidding for work, supplies or materials for urban-county board and department of health, 212.638

Contracts for buildings, improvements and materials to be let on competitive bidding; when advertisements not required, 162.070

Contracts for work, material and supplies for sanitation districts, 220.290

Contracts for work, materials or supplies, 104.650

Contracts for work or materials, day labor, 212.460

Conveyances and encumbrances, general cross indexes, adoption and maintenance, 382.205

County clerk to docket and publish application for permit to operate place of entertainment, 231.060

County commissioners, election for, return to prior form of government, 67.050

Custody and disposition of property taken by the police department in city of second class or urban-county government, notice, 95.435

Defense to the petition for dissolution of a city; criteria for judgment of dissolution; certification to secretary of state, 81.096

Definitions for soil and water conservation, 262.010

Department of fish and wildlife resources commission, appointment, term, vacancies, bond, oath, removals, expenses, quorum, offices, notices and publications, 150.022

Department of fish and wildlife resources may regulate musseling, 150.520

Department of highways to advertise program to eradicate noxious weeds on rights-of-way, 176.051

Designation of community action agency by local political subdivision, 273.435

Designations of urban-county government for purposes of state or federal laws, rules or regulations, 67A.050

Discharge of assignee, notice, proceedings, 379.140

Discontinuance of water district, procedure, 74.367

Dispensing with administration by agreement, 395.470

Dissolution of incorporated cities and special districts, hearing to be advertised, 67.845

Dissolution of special district by referendum, 65.170

Dividing county or striking off territory, 67.030

Division of county into precincts; map; failure of board to perform duty, 117.055

Drainage and reclamation, board or court may change assessment, relevy, 267.350

Drainage and reclamation, copies of assessment record filed with clerk, clerk's notice, trial and judgment on exceptions, final order, 268.360

Drainage and reclamation, notice of hearing on appraisers' report, form, 268.280

Drainage and reclamation, payment and collection of assessments when average below twenty-five cents per acre, 267.310

Drainage and reclamation, viewers' final report, notice, hearing, 267.210

Drainage directors, election, 267.090

Duties of commissioner of mines and minerals, 351.070

Economic improvement plan and annual budget to be published in newspaper, 91A.570

Election by voters on question of constructing, purchasing or condemning electric plant, or issuing bonds therefor, 96.640

Election of board of drainage commissioners, qualifications, bond, officers, powers, 268.160

Emergency assessments, 132.660

Engineering report, when filed, construction subdistrict may be abolished, when, 76.244

Equalization of assessments in cities of second class, 92.440

Establishing voting places in precincts, change, 117.065

Establishment of county health department, elections in one county, 212.080

Examination and approval of capital projects in area development districts, grants, administration, conditions, 42.355

Extension of operations of city housing authority to other cities, 80.580

Federal block grant applications, hearings, 45.352

Finance and revenue of first class cities, suit for enforcement of tax lien, publication of notice, 91.4883

Finances of planning commission, financial statement to be published, 100.177

Financial statement, when published, contents, sent to commissioner, 287.420

Form and terms of city utility bonds, sale, bonds for improvements, refunding or additional bonds, 96.690

Form of bonds, improvement or refunding bonds, negotiability, procedure for sale, 106.260

Hearing on assessment roll and statement, notice, appeal, filing approved roll, 267.300

Hearing on proposed standards of safety, notice, 227.310

Inspection period for tax rolls, publication and posting of notice, 133.045

Investigation and establishment of territorial boundaries of sanitation district, inclusion of city, notice to residents of territory, 220.536

Land bank authority to publish information about leases, sales or trade of property, 65.365

Lien on radios, phonographs and other electrical appliances, for repair, 376.430

Lien on watches and jewelry for repairs, sale for charges, 376.290

Limitations on condemnation powers, rights of current landowner, 416.670

Local development authority powers, bond issue, 99.670

Local solid waste management, establishment of district by citizen petition and election, election on plan, dissolution or modification of districts, 109.270

Manner of election of school board members, changes in boundary lines of divisions of county containing first-class city, 160.210

Merger of fire protection districts, notice of filing of petition, 75.020

Merger of water districts, hearing, orders, 74.361

Method of posting strays, fees, 259.120

Metropolitan sewer district, apportionment of construction costs, lien, apportionment warrants, notice, 76.172

Municipal improvement construction contracts, bids, performance bond; wastewater collection project assessments, bonds, 107.080

Municipal improvements, alternate methods, publication of First Ordinance, 107.030

Mutual insurance holding companies, reorganizing or merging insurers, 304.37-565

Newspaper advertisement required in execution and judicial sales, 426.560

Nonpartisan city elections, 83A.170

Notes of governmental agency, public sale, 65.7717

Notice and advertisement of establishment, alteration or discontinuance of county road, and of letting contract, 178.050

Notice and hearing of exceptions to classification report, 76.345

Notice and proceedings for establishment of sewer construction district, appeal, 76.205

Notice, duty of guardian ad litem and attorney, 422.180

Notice of application for creation of flood control district, 104.530

Notice of application for curator for absent person, 395.430

Notice of drainage construction work, 267.240

Notice of hearing of fire hazard when property owner unknown, 227.340

Notice of hearing of insurance commissioner, 304.2-320

Notice of hearing, publication, order of construction and assessment, 76.246

Notice of hearings by state fire marshal, 227.332

Notice of intention to apply for alcoholic beverage license, 243.360

Notice of intention to refund bonds, form, majority of owners may require abandonment of refunding, 269.030

Notice of processioning land and taking depositions, 73.230

Notice of proposal for creating nontaxing special district, 65.810

Notice of public hearing for property improvement, 91A.250

Notice of public hearing on zoning regulations, 100.207

Notice of temporary refusal to accept payment of ad valorem taxes by outgoing sheriff, 134.215

Oaths and bonds, notice of proceeding, 62.100

Office and meetings of board of drainage commissioners, records, reports, expenses, 268.170

Officers and employees of board, seal, records, expenses, rules and regulations, civil liabilities, audits, 104.610

Official map, contents, hearing, posting, 100.297

Ordinance for acquisition of artificial gas system and issuance of bonds, popular election, plans and specifications, acquisition of lands and easements, 96.543

Ordinance to proceed with improvement of property by special assessment; publication; notice to affected property owners, 91A.260

Overlay district regulations, notice of public hearing, 82.670

Personal representatives, notice of filing district court settlements, 395.625

Persons holding unclaimed pari-mutuel winning tickets presumed abandoned shall report, 230.362

Place of holding fiscal court, 67.090

Plan for improvement of local government in county containing city of first class, advertisement, 81.340

Plan for management district to be published in newspaper, 91A.565

Planning and zoning, effect of failure to strictly comply with procedural provisions or publication requirements, 100.182

Power of redevelopment corporation to acquire real property, city may condemn and convey to corporation, federal or state aid, alternate method of acquiring and conveying land, 99.210

Prerequisites for adoption of a development plan, 99.370

Private toll bridges and ferries, application for certificate, when granted, 280.030

Procedure for amending zoning map and regulation, 100.211

Procedure for disposal of seized and forfeited property; distribution of proceeds, 218A.420

Procedure for referendum on public question in cities, 83A.120

Procedure for sale of city-owned waterworks, 106.200

Procedures for creating taxing district, 65.182

Proceedings to incorporate city, 81.050

Proclamation for special election for congressional representative, 118.720

Proclamation for special election for governor, 118.710

Proposed nomination to National Register of Historic Places, notice, hearing, 171.382

Proposed plan for management district to be published in newspaper, 91.756

Public hearing required prior to expenditure of state-derived tax revenues on roads by local government, 174.100

Public hearing with regard to creation or area of regional housing commission, 80.400

Public notice of zoning appeal hearing, 100.263

Publication of application to create sanitation district, 220.090

Publication of city ordinances, 83A.060

Publication of financial statements by special purpose districts, 65.070

Publication of First Ordinance for urban-county public improvements, 67A.730

Publication of proclamations and writs of elections by sheriffs, 118.750

Quarterly financial statement of counties containing city of first class, publication, 68.080

Rate schedule for construction subdistrict, notice, objections, purposes, subdistrict fund, uses, 76.262

Readings and publication of proposed county ordinances, 67.077

Reapportionment of justices' districts, 67.045

Receipt of claims by assignee, notice of, filing, 379.100

Referendum on sale of beer, advertisement, 242.160

Regional integrated waste treatment and disposal facility siting board, powers and duties, 224.46-825

Regulation of explosives in reclamation of strip-mined land, 350.430

Regulations, authority and duty of director of extension, extension council, membership, by-laws, 164.625

Removal of appointed member of special district governing body, 65.007

Removal of county seat, 67.020

Removal of elected firefighter trustee, notice of hearing, 75.031

Removal of grave or cemetery on application of land owner or county, procedure, expenses, 381.755

Removal of overhanging limbs of trees and other obstructions along roads, notice of requirements to be published, 179.230

Reports of audits and investigations within counties by auditor of public accounts, 43.090

Restrictions on conveyance or encumbrance of waterworks or lighting system by city of second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth class, 96.540

Revenue bonds, 96.184

Revenue bonds, sale, advertising, 56.520

Revocation of authority of insurance company to do business in state, publication, 136.990

Revocation of ferry privilege, 280.220

Road construction, advertisement for bids, 176.070

Road construction bonds to be sold at public sale or sales, manner of advertising, 177.800

Road improvement bonds, form, terms, tax exemptions, rights of holder, payment, 184.260

Sale and conveyance of land obtained by taxing unit through action on certificate of delinquency, 134.510

Sale of abandoned property, 393.120

Sale of bonds by school facilities construction commission, publication area, 157.630

Sale of bonds, conditions, 162.620

Sale of equipment, machinery or motor to pay charges, 376.455

Sale of improvement assessment bonds, sealed bids, advertisement, 107.100

Sale of real property by city to redevelopment corporation, 99.290

Sale of road improvement bonds, sources of payment, 184.270

Sale of seized contraband cigarettes, advertisement, 138.165

Sanitary sewers in urban-county governments, publication of ordinance of initiation, notice of public hearing, 67A.875, 67A.876

Sanitation district, notice of hearing, publication, order of construction and assessment, 220.561

Sanitation districts, rates, rentals and charges, use of funds of district, cutting off sewer and water service to delinquents, 76.090

Severed mineral interests of unknown, missing owners; action to declare a trust, advertisement and lis pendens notice, 353.466

Sewer construction district, notice and hearing of exceptions, 76.335

Sheriff's annual settlement with county to be published, 134.310

State board of agriculture may issue revenue bonds, 247.180

State board to issue certificates of election for state and district offices, tie votes, 118.425

State bridges, tunnels and ferries, definitions, 180.010

Tax bills, how made out and delivered in cities of fourth class, 92.580

Tax notice, form, complaint, hearing on assessment, correction and approval of report, 269.150

Termination of operation of electric and water plant, election, advertisement, 96.183

Third class city may grant rights of way to utility, conditions, 96.060

Tourism attraction projects, notice of public hearings, 154.29-040

Transfer of assets to another bank, procedure, publication of notice, 287.630

Urban-county civil service examinations, rating, eligible list, 67A.240

2002 Pocket Part Cross References

Unification review commission, notice of hearing, 67.914

2006 Main Volume Cross References

Urban-county construction contracts, bids, performance bonds, 67A.740

Urban county government may set liquor sale hours, local option on Sunday sales in urban county, 244.295

Urban-county government sale of public improvement bonds, bids, advertisement, 67A.765

Urban renewal, conditions of approval of plan by planning commission, 99.050

Variance petition, notice by department for natural resources and environmental protection, hearing, 224.30-140

Veterans' bonus, sale of bonds, advertisement, 40.200

Vote on referendum, ballot, certification and publication of result, expenses, 132.120

Voter registration, notice, 116.045

Water commission, creation, 74.440

Water district, acceptance of report, notice, final hearing, 74.140

Water district may acquire, develop, maintain and operate gas system, procedure, 74.400

Water districts, manner of giving notices, 74.360