KY Press Service/ARK


Let KPA do the work for you!

Our Ads Reaching Kentuckians one-order, one-check placement service gets your message out with almost 2 million Kentucky newspaper readers.

ARK is a 2 column by 2 inch display advertising program offered exclusively by the Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service and its participating newspapers. Your 2x2 display ad reaches at least 841,000 Kentucky households each week, through 109 Kentucky newspapers. And, it is cheaper than if you went with each newspaper direct. Plus, it's much more convenient.

You want options? We've got options!

Our small space display advertising network – Ads Reaching Kentuckians (ARK) – now comes tailored to fit your advertising needs.

With 109 newspapers, spread from the Mississippi River to the West Virginia border, from the Tennessee border to the Ohio River, ARK can answer your newspaper advertising needs for a small budget.

18 dailies + 91 weeklies = 109 newspapers = 905,731 circulation = More than 2 million readers!

Take your choice:
Entire network – 109 newspapers
Weekly Newspapers only – 91 newspapers
Daily Newspapers only – 18 newspapers

Daily Newspapers
503,924 circulation*
1,310,202 readers**

Weekly Newspapers
401,807 circulation*
1,044,698 readers**

*Circulation effective for 2015 only.
**Readership numbers based on a rate of 2.6 readers per copy

The deadline is Wednesday at 4 p.m. for the following week.

The ARK Program can also place ads in a number of other states with similar programs. For a list of participating newspapers in Kentucky, and a list of other states and placement costs, or for more information please contact Susy Parry

Member Newspapers: There is no cost for a member newspaper to particpate in the Ads Reaching Kentuckians program, but a paper must agree to the network to receive ads. Participating papers are paid based on a formula using ad size and paper circulation.