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Magen McCrarey
London Sentinel Echo

As a 10-week KPA intern for the Sentinel-Echo in London, Ky., I have made friendships, connections, business contacts and stories that I can be proud of.

I’ve learned most every aspect of being a journalist and still willing to endure the world of reporting.  I have followed alongside an member of the staff to help cover emergency calls over the police scanner, put on work boots to write about black-top paving in summer heat, taken a whiff of the air at the county’s Agriculture Fair, attended a Chamber of Commerce Meeting, visited a homeless shelter and many more informative and  interesting adventures.

I was hired as an intern and my editor said, “make it what you want it to be.”  And so I did.  I took just as many or more photos as I have written stories.  I’ve had people in the community call me up at the office to thank me for a job well done on stories.  I feel like I’ve had the support of the staff here at the Sentinel as well.

I’ve realized I must report on stories that I have a hard time becoming interested in.  It’s a job, and every job comes with some humdrum tasks.  But throughout my journey I have come to appreciate my job.  It’s more than a job. 

Not everyone can leave their work environment to immerse themselves in a community just waiting to be conversed with.  I like the freedom and creativity that comes with being a journalist and it is very important to find a family of journalists that are willing to take hold of your abilities and use them to the fullest.

Being involved at the college level journalistically is important before taking the next step into the real world of journalism.  I thank my university for that opportunity.  I thank the newspaper I have spent a hot summer with for improving on my weaknesses as a writer and showing me the ropes when it comes to more serious matters.

KPA has headed me in the right direction for a more fulfilled career in journalism.  After graduation I may not become a journalist right away but at least I will know how to interact with the public professionally while never ceasing to ask questions about a constantly changing society.


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