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Brittney LeNeave
Western Kentucky University
West Kentucky News

This summer has been a whirlwind for me in the workplace. I’ve had a hand in so many different types of projects and different aspects of this business so far, and I know there’s only more to come. I’ve been given responsibilities as Assistant to the Publisher, Greg LeNeave. I have to keep up with these responsibilities on a weekly basis to take some of the load off of him.

As assistant to the Publisher my job entails many things. I answer the phone and help the customer or client find what they are looking for. I call on some of Greg’s old accounts to see if they want to re-run an ad they ran in the past with us. I call on collections for him as well, and talk to people who are behind on their bills. I write up the ads he sells on a “job ticket” and take them to the graphic artist to make, and then I make sure to schedule it on the ad schedule.

I have gone out and taken many pictures for ads or stories to put in the paper. I’ve called and interviewed people and written stories for the paper. I’ve edited ads and stories, and “green-dotted” the paper (checking to make sure the ads on the ad schedule made it into the paper).

I am also have to send faxes, emails, make copies, do postage for mail, etc.

We had a Graduation Tab the first couple of weeks I worked here. This was a special section for the local graduates of each county that is inserted in the newspaper. I had to call some of the high schools and request pictures of their graduates as well as names.

I’ve gone and visited many of Greg’s clients and picked up ad copies or money to pay their bill. I’ve also delivered the paper when the circulation guys were on vacation. I delivered the Advance Yeoman to Ballard County, and the Volunteer to Union City, Tenn. I also took the Fulton-Hickman Free Press to Fulton and Hickman Counties, and the Carlisle County News to Carlisle County.

It’s truly impossible to encompass all the things I do here. It changes on a day-to-day basis depending on what’s going on that day or week. However, by dabbling a little in all of the departments I’ve been able to learn a lot about the business in general.

I don’t know that interning here has changed my plans for the future, but definitely opened my options up. I still want to teach, but I realize now that I have a talent for this business too and it may open up a career opportunity for me in the future. One thing I could do while I’m teaching is free-lance write stories for the papers.

In all, this has been a great experience. I love working with the people here and I love having responsibilities that allow me to show my skills. I also really like the change of pace each day and how every day has a completely new and different agenda. It keeps me alert and on my toes.